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Welcome to the website for Bada Bing, a casual & friendly level 25 guild of mature people in the World of Warcraft. We are part of the Alliance community on the Zangarmarsh server.

We are a social guild geared towards the more mature, casual player, where rushing to endgame content is not the primary focus. We do enjoy doing guild runs which are normally scheduled on Saturday mornings at 10 AM server time. We enjoy playing World of Warcraft in a social atmosphere.

Is your primary game interests questing, crafting and achievements? Do you want to be in a guild where you can have conversations while playing? Do you enjoy making new friends on line? If you answer yes to these questions, Bada Bing may be a good fit for you. We are a guild of players focused on group instances, world interaction and socializing. We are serious about being a guild family and are open to mature, fair-minded people of all classes and professions. Courteous behavior and a commitment to support our growing guild community are the primary expectations of all members.

We are an extended family, so we realize that real life comes first whether you have school, work long hours, have small children, or need to work on spouse faction. We support you.

If you have a casual play style and would like to be in a guild for the friendship and sharing of achievements, by all means, try us out. Established in March, 2009.
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